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Yoga and therapies

Take advantage of the holidays to deepen the disconnection! 

Enjoy the tranquility with a session of non-invasive therapies or maybe you prefer a yoga session with the family? 

Yoga de la puesta

Individual yoga

1h - 50 €

Niños en clase de yoga

1h - 50 €

Yoga for children

Mujeres practicando yoga al aire libre

1h - 50 €

Family yoga

Las mujeres en estera de yoga

1h - 50 €

Group yoga

Non-invasive therapies

Release of the pericardium

Massage technique focused on the heart area developed by Montserrat Gascón. Facilitate the release of emotional tensions inscribed in the body, which affect our overall health and well-being.

Craniosacral biodynamics

Craniosacral biodynamic therapy is a gentle, deep manual therapy system developed by American osteopath Dr. William G. Sutherland at the turn of the century.



Access Bars therapy through 32 points located in the head,  by gentle touch, it produces a mental and emotional re-establishment of all that prevents us from continuing to evolve and move forward.

Akashic Records

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning primary substance, referring to energy in its first and most primitive state. It is the study of the origin and specialty of the soul and mission of life.

Mujer en una actitud de la yoga
Clara Clopés Calm




Can​ Xis​quet

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